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Country music’s influence knows no bounds. This is what happened with Singer/Songwriter, Nashville Recording Artist, Scott Hooper.


Born in Springfield Massachusetts, Scott had lived in many states and towns from Maine to Florida giving him a wide range of friends, with a wide range of musical interests. After moving to Florida, where he spent most of his upbringing, he worked with his Mother each year volunteering for the Special Olympics. He later moved back to New England where he had one of his first bands which quickly made him realize that music is where he belongs. After traveling with his band all across the United States (including Nashville), which is where his love for Country Music became his focus.

Scott Hooper fans are no strangers to the high energy, heartfelt performances that have been done throughout his music career. Scott has had the good fortune to perform with numerous headliner bands and artists and all the while, has written powerful Country songs that need to be heard by Country fans everywhere. Scott’s songs provide the newness of Country music today while keeping the influence of the classic Country roots. After signing with his first Nashville based label, Scott released his first EP, “Giddy Up.” The first single from the EP, “T.V. News,” was released to the secondary radio markets and had done well on the secondary charts hitting the #1 spot after 31 weeks. Scott followed this up by releasing the title track from the EP, “Giddy Up,” which had also shown strength in the secondary radio market.


Now on board with his new label, Rudder Records, Hooper is ready to embark on this new adventure. Scott has recorded newly written, fresh material that clearly separates his music from the current storylines focused on in Country Music today. Hooper admits that he loves a good beer drinkin’ boot stompin’ truck drivin’ song, however, his newly released single, "Our Children's Future" is intended to remind listeners of what is going on today in the real world. “This song is very special to me, says Scott. With all that is going on in the world today, what will the future be like for our Children? I’ve talked with many Grandparents, Parents, even kids and they all agree that the future of our Children is a very scary thought. Something has got to change. Our Children’s Future sends a clear, strong message that we all need to make changes to ensure that “Our Children’s Future” is a brighter one.” As stated by industry professionals, “Our Children’s Future is a great song and is so Topical” – Elaine Shock, Shock Inc., “Our Children’s Future is so Topical. What a great song for today.” Diane Richey, Richey Promotions. “This song could be the next Grammy Award winning song” – Billy Lynn, Spirit Music Group, Nashville, “

"Our Children's Future" is set to pave the way for the future of our children here at home and around the world.

The single is now available at radio stations worldwide. You can help Scott to spread this message by contacting your local station and requesting his new song. "Our Children's Future" is also available for digital download, and can be purchased at any major online music store. Scott’s team is currently working on avenues to ensure that a portion on the profits from Our Children’s Future will go to helping Children here and around the world. With your help, we can make a difference.

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